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How Do I Test My Car Battery in Palm Coast, Florida?

August 29, 2016

Car battery in Palm Coast, Florida

Many different factors can later the results of a car battery test performed at a repair facility in Palm Coast, Florida, so you should take all variables into consideration before assessing the results of what you assume will be an accurate reading.

When performing a car battery test in Palm Coast, remove the surface charge. If it's not removed, it can seriously skew the results of the test. To remove the surface charge, turn headlines on for at least 15 seconds or allow the car battery to sit for four to 12 hours in a warm room.

Once the surface charge is removed, use a hydrometer to determine the car battery's state of charge. Use a specific gravity of 12.65 and then use a load tester on the car battery to determine its condition, but be aware that this device may not be accurate by as much as 20% to 50%.

Performing a Lead Test in Palm Coast, Florida

When a Florida car battery has a state of charge of 75% or higher you can perform a load test. Apply a load equal to half of the car battery's cold cranking amp rating for 15 seconds and then disable the ignition and turn the engine over for another 15 seconds. Voltage should not drop below 9.6 during this test.

When your car battery has passed the load test in Palm Coast, Florida, you should recharge it as soon as possible to avoid sulfation and to restore it to optimum condition. Instead of purchasing three testers, as some Florida residents do, purchase an accurate one. You can find plenty of good testers in Florida stores, each one with claims of ultimate accuracy, so it is difficult to determine if such is the case. Choose a proven method for your Florida car battery and while that choice may not be inexpensive, you'll have peace of mind regarding accuracy.

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